Libertarian Party of Montgomery County condemns Dayton anti-homeless ordinance

The Libertarian Party of Montgomery County condemns Dayton Code of Ordinances Sec. 137.21, “Preparing and distributing food in a public place within central area of the city”, which has surfaced in the news following the arrest of a local man for violating its provisions.

Nearly a decade old, this ordinance is a blight on our community, restricting individual freedoms and hindering acts of charity. By mandating that individuals obtain a $50, one-use permit to prepare or distribute food, clothing, or toiletries in public spaces within the central area of the city, this ordinance imposes unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles and financial burdens on those seeking to assist their fellow citizens in need.

While purportedly enforced under the guise of food safety, it is clear that the true intent of the law is to control and manage the visibility of poverty and homelessness in the downtown area. The recent arrest serves as a stark reminder of the detrimental impact of such heavy-handed regulations on our community.

Josh Umbaugh, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Montgomery County, Ohio, remarked on the situation, stating: “City ordinance 137.2 is incredibly disrespectful to the freedoms of Dayton citizens. It shouldn’t be illegal for a neighbor to help a neighbor. How ridiculous is that?!”

The Libertarian Party of Montgomery County calls for the immediate repeal of this unjust law. This ordinance’s regulation of charitable activities in downtown Dayton is a form of political theater aimed at masking our city’s social and economic challenges, rather than addressing them directly.

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