D.C.’s ‘Green New Deal for Housing’ Is Doomed Before It Begins

Social housing supporters hope that the city can get city-owned, city-operated housing right with a new office, a more expansive mission, and different branding.


Biden’s Student Loan Debt Forgiveness Plan Just Faced Its Third Major Setback in a Month

On Wednesday, a federal appeals court denied the Biden administration’s request to block a Texas judge’s ruling that declared the policy unconstitutional.


Fearing Leviathans With Feet of Clay

…there is only one reason why residents of a free, or more or less free, country should feel economically threatened by a foreign authoritarian state. It is that the subjects of the latter …. will thus be poorer. And it is more beneficial to have trading partners… who are richer…

The Federal Government’s Plan to Track Truckers’ Every Movement Is a Privacy Nightmare

This surveillance would be unconstitutional—and there’s no reason to believe it will make anyone safer.


Arizona Town To Pay $8 Million to Widow of Daniel Shaver, Shot While Crawling Unarmed Toward Police

The cop who killed Shaver was fired. But he will receive a disability pension for the rest of his life because he claims he has post-traumatic stress disorder.


2022: The Year the “Lodger Evil” Came to Kansas and Made Housing Less Affordable

Housing restrictions might be politically inevitable, but they are almost always economically silly. To top it off, they reinforce the privilege and power of the already privileged and powerful…