Traute Lafrenz, Last of the White Rose

She was a university student in Munich in 1941 when she met Hans Scholl and Christoph Probst and got involved in the group.  Her involvement became known to the Nazi authorities following the arrest of Hans and Sophie Scholl, and she was also arrested.  Unlike Probst and the Scholls, who were executed, she was sentenced to one year in prison…

Cut off from food, Ukrainians recall famine under Stalin, which killed 4 million of them

The Soviet dictator covered up the starvation and cannibalism that stalked Ukraine in the early 1930s

Thirteen percent of the Ukrainian population perished… as Stalin enforced “collectivization.” What followed was “the first truly big lie in the politics of the 20th century…” Stalin denied the famine happened. Most in the outside world knew no better, thanks in part to… the New York Times.

Archived from the Washington Post:

The fourth Saturday in November is Holodomor Remembrance Day.

The Pilgrims Dreamed of Socialism. Then Socialism Almost Killed Them.

Private property was the solution to their failed experiment. But people keep repeating the Pilgrims’ mistakes.

The Pilgrims had run into the “tragedy of the commons.” No individual Pilgrim owned crops they grew, so no individual had much incentive to work.

Bradford’s solution: private property.