Fifth Circuit Affirms Just Hours After Oral Argument: Criminal Libel Arrest for Criticizing Police Officer …

…Louisiana law had never been revised to comply with the First Amendment…

Texas School District Threatens to Seize 79-Year-Old Man’s Home for Stadium Parking Lot

The Houston-area Aldine Independent School District is considering the use of eminent domain to seize a one-acre property owned and occupied by Travis Upchurch.

In April, the Aldine Independent School District voted to authorize the use of eminent domain to seize the home and surrounding acre of land currently owned and occupied by 79-year-old Travis Upchurch, reported the Houston Chronicle in July.

Tax Exiles

In 1973, Pink Floyd released The Dark Side of the Moon which included the single ‘Money,’ on which Roger Waters snarled: 


Get back

I’m alright, Jack, keep your hands off of my stack

‘Money,’ according to one critic, “deals with crass materialism.” But by the time Pink Floyd recorded The Wall in 1979, they did so in France and the United States because remaining in Britain would have incurred a massive tax bill. 

Fewer People Are Going To College. That Could Be a Good Thing.

“If I would have gone to college after school, I would be dead broke,” one high school graduate told the A.P.

“Why do I want to put in all the money to get a piece of paper that really isn’t going to help with what I’m doing right now?”

What’s Next for America’s Independent Workers?

As these states’ experience shows, applying the ABC test nationally would force hundreds of now‐​independent occupations to be reclassified as employees, regardless of workers’ and employers’ own contracting decisions. This could impose significant economic harms—including for the very workers the proposed rule is supposedly protecting.