The Drug Exception to the Second Amendment

Conservatives have been slow to recognize the threat that drug prohibition poses to gun rights and other civil liberties.

What does that position say about the NRA’s understanding of the Second Amendment? If trivial offenses such as pot smoking are enough to strip someone of the constitutional right to armed self-defense, that right is subject to legislators’ whims, a proposition that the NRA passionately rejects in other contexts.

Traute Lafrenz, Last of the White Rose

She was a university student in Munich in 1941 when she met Hans Scholl and Christoph Probst and got involved in the group.  Her involvement became known to the Nazi authorities following the arrest of Hans and Sophie Scholl, and she was also arrested.  Unlike Probst and the Scholls, who were executed, she was sentenced to one year in prison…

Lawsuit: Prosecutors Filed Bogus Charges Against Detroit Man in Retaliation for Challenging Seizure of Car

The Institute for Justice says Robert Reeves’ First Amendment rights were violated when prosecutors filed and refiled baseless felony charges against him after he sued to get his car back.

“They’ve taken my car and tried to throw me in jail, but I’m still standing,” Reeves said in the Institute for Justice press release. “I’m not going to take the county’s threats sitting down. This isn’t about money or payback. This is about making sure the county can’t do this to anyone else.”

Rampant Plea Bargaining Is a Raw Deal for Defendants

A new report details how plea bargaining can hurt defendants and warps the justice system.

“Challenges to police misconduct are typically resolved through pretrial litigation, but the death of the trial has also increasingly meant the death of pretrial litigation, including those hearings that would bring to light police misconduct,” the report states. “Trial and pretrial litigation are essential for holding police and other state actors accountable, and plea bargaining has eroded these systems of accountability.” Moreover, many “defendants are often denied discovery, including exculpatory evidence, before they make the decision to plead guilty.”

Massachusetts’ Tobacco Ban Went as Badly as You’d Expect

And now the state thinks it needs to crack down even more.

States that wish to avoid making the same mistake should view Massachusetts as a warning, not a role model.

Fewer People Are Going To College. That Could Be a Good Thing.

“If I would have gone to college after school, I would be dead broke,” one high school graduate told the A.P.

“Why do I want to put in all the money to get a piece of paper that really isn’t going to help with what I’m doing right now?”

America Needs a Better Kind of Capitalism

Big corporations and entire industries constantly use their connections in Congress to get favors, no matter which party is in power.

From sugar and steel consumers to students who already paid off their loans or used their savings to pay for their education, political capitalism punishes those who aren’t elite or can’t organize to extract favors from politicians. Sadly, it gives a bad name to both politics and capitalism.