The AMA Said Trust Your Doctor on Smoking

Money blinds objectivity. When money drives decisions, controverting evidence is ignored, dissenting voices are ridiculed, open debate is suppressed, talking points are distributed, conclusions are delayed, and people die from a product with liability protection.

Natural Gas, Electricity, and Thermodynamics

As long as natural gas is used to generate electricity, bans on natural gas use in new residential construction result in reductions in COemissions only if very high efficiency heat pumps are used and only if combined cycle rather than simple gas turbines are used for generation. All other uses of electricity actually increase emissions because of the heat losses in electricity generation. So why are localities in Blue America banning natural gas?

The U.S. Probation System Has Become a Quagmire

What was originally intended as an alternative to incarceration has become a system for mass state control.

“It’s a fear that never leaves you. You could be plucked from society at any moment for being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Justice Gorsuch’s Dissent from Denial of Review in an Excessive Fines Clause Case

We have held that “[p]rotection against excessive punitive economic sanctions” is “‘fundamental'” and “‘deeply rooted in this Nation’s history and tradition.'” And all that would mean little if the government could evade constitutional scrutiny under the Clause’s terms by the simple expedient of fixing a “civil” label on the fines it imposes and declining to pursue any related “criminal” case.

How the CDC Became the Speech Police

Secret internal Facebook emails reveal the feds’ campaign to pressure social media companies into banning COVID “misinformation.”

The platforms may have thought they had little choice but to please the CDC, given the tremendous pressure to stamp out misinformation. This pressure came from no less an authority than President Joe Biden himself, who famously accused social media companies of “killing people” in a July 2021 speech.