Marijuana Legalization in California Has Gone Miserably, So Officials Are Expanding Drug Enforcement

These new enforcement measures probably aren’t going to accomplish Bonta’s goal of eliminating illegal grow operations any more than the last four decades of drug war enforcement did. It’s not a new solution to the problem—it’s just rebranding the drug war as a progressive operation.

Public Housing Complexes May Not Ban Gun Possession by Tenants

a total ban on the ability of law-abiding residents—like Mr. Braden—to possess a handgun within their public housing unit for the purpose of self-defense is unconstitutional under the Second Amendment

Sixth Circuit Rules Government Cannot Seize $300,000 in Home Equity to Pay $22,000 Tax Debt

Given the high value the Founders placed on property rights, it would be strange—to say the least—if these constitutional rights were left entirely at the mercy of state governments to redefine as they please

Remember an Underappreciated Honest Politician

Unlike modern politicians’ attempts to evade accountability, Cleveland insisted that everyone in government be carefully monitored. “Every citizen owes to the country a vigilant watch and close scrutiny of its public servants and affairs…[as] the price of our liberty,” because “our citizens have the right to protection from the incompetency of public employees.”

The Jury Was Right Not to Give the Parkland Killer the Death Penalty

We have a broken criminal justice department with long wait times, harried, overworked public defenders, and an imperfect police force (to put it as diplomatically as possible). A state sanctioned death penalty simply can’t be trusted.